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Predevelopment Phase

The staff of CMS establishes the total scope of the project with the Owner. A detailed review of all pertinent information is conducted. We meet with the Owner's representatives, the architect and other consultants to establish and confirm the specific project requirements, overall quality standards, project schedule, budget, and special considerations for site conditions or logistics.

Preliminary Site Planning and Analysis

Our experienced staff can provide a preliminary site plan to initiate the site development and project evaluation. The preliminary site plan is then refined and used as the starting point for the civil engineer in preparing their documents. A thorough study of the proposed site with regard to the ease of constructability, functionality, availability of utilities and municipal services, and the government approval process will also be performed.

Coordinate Design

CMS can implement a system to expedite and control the flow of information between the various design team members. By establishing an effective line of communication, the design process can be greatly enhanced to maximize design productivity while insuring conformity to the budget, schedule and quality. Pricing exercises can be conducted throughout the various stages of design. Typically at the end of each design phase, a cost evaluation is conducted to compare the development of the design documents to the project budget.

Budget Procedure

One of the major contributions we can make in the early phases of a project is to establish and confirm a realistic, practical construction budget. From this information, the feasibility of the project along with alternative design solutions can be established from the onset of the planning process. This procedure helps to minimize compromises in design, schedule and cost as the project develops. Continuous reviews of architectural and engineering drawings as well as specifications are conducted, as these documents are prepared. These reviews will ascertain whether or not the construction documents will conform to the project requirements of budget, schedule and quality.

Coordination of Communication

To assure timely and accurate communication, CMS can develop a Project Communications Procedures Manual. The manual defines the appropriate distribution for all project documents, delineates the responsibilities of all parties, and defines the process and the time frame required for expediting approvals during the design and construction phases.

Develop and Implement Master Schedule

By setting a realistic schedule early in the project, the typical compromises in design, delays in delivery and possible negative impact on the final project can be greatly reduced. This master schedule is developed and monitored throughout the evolution of the design to insure compliance to the project's needs.

Design Team Selection

If the Owner does not have a design team for the project, CMS can solicit interest, interview potential consultants and assemble a list of qualified design professionals for the Owner's review and selection.

Municipal Approvals

CMS can represent the owner for all necessary site plan approvals. Our staff has considerable experience meeting with and presenting a project to municipal planning boards and councils. We can coordinate with the necessary consultants to provide the documents required for the approval process.

Value Engineering

Our value engineering review includes an overview of constructability, practicality and efficiency. In these reviews we consider the alternatives that can be analyzed for each component of the project, including the costs of different schemes. Our basic task will be to insure that the final design is both constructible and realistic.

Claims Avoidance

CMS works with the architect to insure that the construction documents are sufficiently detailed to avoid the opportunity for claims to be made based on incomplete information. We strive to eliminate conflicts, simplify details, improve the clarity of the documents, and define the scope of work prior to issuance for bids.

Bidding Phase

CMS can provide the necessary support and coordination during this during this transitional phase of the project. Important to the project, at this phase, is soliciting qualified bidders, interviewing potential contractors, and providing a list of qualified bidders for the Owner's review and selection. Each bid process is developed to specific project needs to insure scope adherence to the schedule, budget and project program. When bids are received, CMS evaluates each bid for completeness and makes recommendations to the Owner for selection.

Construction Phase

CMS can monitor the progress of the construction activity through numerous systems that we incorporate in our project management plan. Through the use of realistic schedules, project budget evaluations, cost reports and on site inspections, delays in progress and potential cost overruns can be quickly identified and resolved. Possible conflicts between design and construction can be favorably resolved without compromise to the project. During this critical phase of the project, communications between design, construction and ownership must remain at its highest level.

Project Close Out

As the project nears completion, CMS can work with the design and construction team to obtain the close-out documents and present them in a concise, orderly fashion to the Owner. At this time, CMS can conduct the project construction audit and confirm that the project conforms to the Contract Documents. This procedure assists in the final accounting and close-out of the project between Owner and Contractor.

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